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Ten years ago, the four words "e-commerce" were just four Chinese characters in the dictionary. Ten years later, the four words "e-commerce" have become an important force, which is promoting the development of enterprises and the development of society.

For domestic stationery manufacturers, especially export-oriented stationery enterprises, they can do OEM processing, they can independently innovate and develop emerging markets, but it is very far away to build e-commerce platform. Although it has reached 2013, some stationery manufacturers have not yet long-term vision.

With the popularization of computers and the Internet entering thousands of households, the e-commerce mode will only move in a mature direction. For stationery enterprises, this is an opportunity and a challenge. After enough time has been done in technology, online trading and online shopping are all the time for people to start preparing. The popularity of the Internet has made some people notice the charm and potential of e-commerce. Therefore, this part of people became the first crab eater, and they also got the first bucket of gold.

It is understood that the stationery market does not reduce the fierce competition among industries. On the contrary, with the refinement of categories and product renewal, competition will only become more hot. In order to survive in this situation, take the stationery export manufacturers as an example to improve the technical content and their added value of their stationery export products. This is the most important thing for people Major matters.

Some market participants said in an interview that the cycle of updating stationery products in the market is quite short. In terms of product design or in the aspect of product element update, they are becoming more and more diverse and novel. For export-oriented stationery enterprises, on the basis of the original production and export, we should also make great efforts to carry out the development concept of independent innovation. Investment is necessary, which is to improve the overall market competitiveness of enterprises to a greater extent.

"In 2012, people feel that the most profound thing is that the international stationery market has increased the threshold of export, and the safety regulations of stationery products are more stringent than ever in the EU, the United States or some emerging markets." The head of a stationery export enterprise in Shanghai said that it is necessary to follow international practice and regard others' standards as the only way for the development of enterprises. In this way, the concept will be stronger, rather than the opposite.
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