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  We can always find that the market is not lack of opportunities, but the lack of people to find business opportunities. Stationery manufacturers should be in an invincible position for a long time. They should be good at turning the disadvantages into advantages, accurately find out the interests and face the attack.

At present, the stationery market is basically at two extremes. Some stationery enterprises often complain that the market is not good, the dealers are not stable, and the people flow in the stores is small, while some stationery manufacturers think that the market space is too large, many blank spots are waiting for development, and orders are too busy to keep up with the sales speed.

The optimistic stationery business thinks that the current economic environment is good, and the uncertain factors of economic environment appear from time to time in the local economic field, but it is not objective and scientific to deny the current favorable economic situation.

Some stationery enterprises will go to find the bright spot, through the segmentation of stationery wholesale market and deeply explore the market space of domestic high-end consumer groups. Different from some low-end stationery enterprises, the high-end stationery enterprises adopt the strategies of optimizing service concept, catering to consumer demand and subdividing the stationery market to enhance the brand value of stationery.

In order to achieve orderly and sustainable development, stationery industry must give up "price war" and choose "value war". In other words, to establish brand influence, we must rely on production technology, product quality and after-sales service, always adhere to the continuous improvement of quality, innovation of stationery design, continuous improvement of function, and create new value. As a stationery manufacturers "value war" pass.

At the same time, the implementation of brand strategy, standard positioning stationery product style, strict control of price control mechanism. We should also have a long-term brand strategic planning, put the enterprise in its own position, take the long-term development as the goal, and shape the core competitiveness of high-end stationery enterprises.

Generally speaking, the market is developing in the direction of healthy competition, which is also the final trend of the industry. Stationery customization enterprises should consistently adhere to the direction of quality, service, development and science and technology, in order to truly win real value and interests.
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