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The company's website was revamped and launched successfully
        2020-07-28 01:15:36     

With the continuous expansion of the company's business volume, the style and content of the company's original website are far from meeting the needs of customers. In order to further show the company's products and understand the company's products and services to the new and old customers. The company decided to revise the website and increase the network publicity. Through careful planning, the new version of the website was successfully revised and launched on July 28, 2020!

The revised website further provides convenience for customers. The new version of the website has simple and clear interface, clear layout, perfect functions and rich content, which highlights the characteristics of the enterprise.

Through the new revision of the website, the brand effect and industry influence of the company will be better improved, and more users will know about Hengtong pen making and our products. I hope that new and old customers will continue to pay attention to and support the development of our company! The network revision focuses more on solving problems for customers and communicating with users. In product technology and after-sales service has been the pursuit of perfection. Continuous improvement of products and customer service. I believe that the new website will bring consumers more perfect service.

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Tel:86-0531-87953142 67712016  Add:Jinan city,Shandong province,China
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