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New production
        2020-07-27 08:00:23     

In recent years, the safety accidents in the use of pencils often appear in the newspapers, which has a bad impact on the physical and mental health of teenagers.

In view of this situation, the company has established a professional team dedicated to the research and development of safety pencils. Recently, with the efforts of our R & D team for three months, a new type of practical pencil was born in Hengtong!

The product has the protection function of pencil writing. Through a number of improvements, the running track or shape of the pencil can be changed to reduce the degree of harm.

At present, the utility model pencil has been applied for patent certification by the State Intellectual Property Office of the people's Republic of China.

Patent No.: zl2012 2 0558684,3

Please refer to the company's product introduction for details.

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